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Clubs de Escúter Clásicas, Foros y Blogs. Internacional.

Clubs de Escúter Clásicas, Foros y Blogs. Resto del continente:
> Vespa World Club
> Vulcan Scooter Secte.
> Vespa Club Italia (Fédération)
> Vespa Club Viterbo
> Vespa Club Firenze
> Unione Vespisti Alcolizzati - Site of U.V.A. Vespa from Dolomiti , y su blog
> il vesPino - Vespa Club Pinerolo(Turin area)
> Vespa Club de Rome: Nombreuses photos d'époque
Vespa Club Torino (Eurovespa 2006)
Vespa Club Viterbo (Eurovespa 2002)
Vespa Club Il Pungiglione , Savigliano (Cn)
> Vespa Club Treviso
> Vespa Club Cagliari
> Naonian Scooter Club - Pordenone
> Vespa club "Ovi duri" - Trieste
> Geen Onions Scooter Club
> Teste Cromate Scooter Club Modena
> Vespe enologiche
> No plastic - Anti Sputer Club Foro
> Scooter Boys Asola (Mantova)
> Vespa Racing Team
> Neurovespa
> VespaMAZZ
> Vespa Club Recanati
> Vespa Club Scaligero
> Vespa Club Lonigo (Vi)
> VC Dolomiti

> vespa club de france -Vespa Club France (Fédération)
> Vulcansc Francés e internacional
> Vespa Club Lyonnais - A vespa Club in France (Lyon, 69)
> Vespa club des Savoie: petites annonces, photos, pages techniques
> Les vespas grenobloises: images d'archives, forum et météo en ligne
> Scooter club du sud est: Forza Mouries
Scooter Club 50 (Alsace)
Vespa Club de Bordeaux
Vespa Club Chalonnais (Bourgogne)
Vespa Club de Champagne
Vespa Club Dijonnais
Vespa Club des Savoie
Vespa Club ILE de France
Vespa Club Lyonnais
Vespa Club Paris

> Vespa Club de Suiza (Foro)
> Vespa Club Biel
Lupo's Motorroller Page
old Vespa Agarn (Valais)
Scooterist, avec Page pour T5 conducteur
Sumsi's Vespa Freunde, Stans
Vespa Club Au
Vespa Club Arbon
Vespa Club beider Basel
Vespa Club Bern - notre club voisin
Vespa Club Freiamt, Muri
Vespa Club Fribourg
Vespa Club Genève
Vespa Club Kreuzlingen
Vespa Club Nidwalden
Vespa Club Locarno
Vespa Club Oberaargau - notre club voisin
Vespa Club Romandie
Zweitakt-Skameraden, le Vespa Club du Canton Soleure
Vespa Club Stausee-Klingnau
Vespaclub St. Galler Rheintal
Vespa Club Ticino
Vespa Club Zürichsee (Lac de Zurich)
Vespa Fan Club Zürich (Ville de Zurich)
Vespa-Lambretta Grischun

Vespa Club Austria (Fédération)
> Vespa club Wien Viena
Vespa Club Wien (Eurovespa 2003)
Vespa Club Wörthersee (Eurovespa 2005)
Le Club "Vorarlberger Vespa- und Lambretta-Szene"

> Vespa Club de Belgique (Fédération)
> Vespa Club Montegnee

Paises Bajos:
> Vespa Scooter club bravant netherland
> Dutchlions Scooterclub

Østenfjedske Lambretta Club - The only Norwegian Lambretta Club

> Vespa Club d'Allemagne (Federation)
> The Torch Scoooter Club
> "> Morlocks Berlin,Alemania
> SORF - German Scooter Friends (Schmallenberger Oldie-Roller Freunde )
> Vespa Club Hamburg 1950 e.V.'s Yahoo Group - German Y! group with many links, news, photos, ...
> Vespaclub Krumbach (Region Schaffhausen-Bodensee)
> Vespa Club Singen (Region Schaffhausen-Bodensee)

> Vespa Club Finlande
> Skoottericlubi


Vespa Clube do Estoril - official site of the Vespa Club of the estoril

> Vespa Club Turquía

> Vespa Club Grecia

> Northern Soul Scooter Club - Northern Irelands New Scooterists Site
> Saints Scooter Club Northern Ireland - A Scooter Club based in Northern Ireland and dedicated to the preservation and riding of classic Italian Scooters both Vespa and Lambretta

> Vespa Club Polonia
> Vespa Club of Poland - Polish Fans of Vespa

> Vespa Club Suecia

Gran Bretaña:
-The Vespa Club of Britain
> Exit 17 Scooter ClubChippenham, Bath, Frome and Radstock areas
> Bristol Mod Scooter Club
> Secret Servix Scooter Club Un extraño club femenino...
> Lambretta Club of Great Britain BBS Mostly very polite, helpful UK Lambretta chat.
> The Armed Forces Scooter Club UK.
> Birkenhead Cloud 9 Scooter Club UK.
> Mr Men S.C. - Mr men scooter club....U.K
Leicester Scooter Scene England - " We do not stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing ii "
Specials Scooter Club - UK Club based in East London & Essex
Damsels in Distress SC - An all girl club centered in N. Ireland and London
ELMS Scooter Club - East London (UK) Scooter Club. Rally pics, scooter pics, top site list, forum, for sale and wanted section. Join in and have fun!
Nutty Boyz Scooter Club - Scooter Club from London, UK
Centurions Scooter Club, Chester, England - Centurions Scooter Club, Chester
kenny from the wildcards scooter club - a site about a scooter boy from middlesx UK
WILDCARDS scooter club middlesex uk - lots of pics and info about a friendly but mad scooter club.
Camber Sands and Hemsby Scooter Rallies - Official site of two of the best scooter rallies in the UK, organised by Chelmsford Scooter Club
The Birmingham Scooter Syndicate - Birmingham, AL scooter club site with pics and info on Souther disComfort Rally 11/11/2005
EssexPeds - Forum for Peds and Motorcycles under 125cc in Essex
Leeds Crusaders Scooter Club - Scooter club site UK
Scooter Club UK:Accros du lambretta
Birmingham Scooter Syndicate - Birmingham, AL Scooter Club
> A Casual Existence SC
SILESIAN CLUB OF SCOOTERS - INVITE new adress (pending new adress)

> Vespa Club Australia

> Vespa Club Nueva Zelanda
> the magnetos - new zealands largest scooter club

> Vespa Club Japón

> Web indonesia "muy interesante"
> VAC Indonesia - Central Of Bandung - Central of Bandung Chapter
> Vespa Club Indonésien:Allez jeter un oeil sur leur "pics gallery", très nombreuses photos de route et paysages à couper le souffle!

> Malaysia - an all-girl scooter club from Seattle Washington.
> Malaysian Vespa - Kelab Vespa Se Malaysia
> Monster Scootz - Monster Scoot from Penang, Malaysia
> Penang Scooterist - One of malaysian scooter club in penang.
> Sigma Avenue Crew Scooterist Club - Sigma Avenue Crew Scooterist Club Based In Malaysia.
> Twister Scooter Clan - triple white scooter clan ( twister clan ) ipoh perak
> Scooter Forum ( Twister Clan ) - Malaysia Scooter Forum

> MODs Taiwan - Scooter guy in far east Taiwan!!!

> baDAss scooter club from Phils. - WRR Riders Philippines

Panama Scooter Club in Panama - A small club down in Panama
Scootering down in the canal zone - One of the first scooter clubs forming in Panama Central america
> Red de Vespistas Artentinos
Vespa Club of Buenos Aires, Argentina - Homepage of the club, lots of photos of ours activities
> Santiago de Chile
Club de Motonetas Clásicas de Chile - Amantes de estas queridas Scooters que marcaron un hito en la historia mundial.

> Vespa Club of Canada (Fédération)
> Scootering Manitoba - Scooter and Moped Club - Scooter club in Manitoba Canada - Free Forum, Knowledgebase, Gallery...etc.
> Royal Canadian Moped Posse - Yeah, it's mopeds, not scooters, but we're all on two wheels here! The Royal Canadian Moped Posse info is here!

> Vespa Club of America (Fédération)
> Vulcan Scooter Club. South Florida
> Oregon Scooter Club
South Bay Scooter Club - SoCal club website with pics, info, links
Baltimore Bombshells Scooter Club - All girl scooter club in Baltimore, Maryland hon!
Yamaha Scooter Group - Vino & Classic - Yahoo Club SIte for Yamaha Scooters especially Vino
Los Vagos Scooter Club - Only the second scooter club in the 4th largest city in the US. Dedicated to the preservation of classic and dirty Vespas and Lambrettas.
The Hornets Long Island Scooter Club of New York - We scoot to live & we live on Long Island. Bringing scooter lovers together.
The Sworm SC of Buffalo NY - current rally info
Vespa Club Los Gatos - Founded in 1989 member FIV the only U.S. club mentioned in the Vespa Tecnica book
Baltimore Bombers Scooter Club - For those about to ride, we salute you.
BTSC: Club of Stars - Sacramento's own Burgundy Topz
GetBent-sc - Dallas Texas Scooter Club
Dogs Bollocks S.C. - London Ontario, and area scooter club
Two fisted S.C. Lancaster Pa - Club site with rally info!
Bottle Rocket Scooter Club - Denver-based scooter club that RAWKS!!!
Scooterunion S.C. - New all-makes club in Houston, TX
Red Stripe 69 S.C. - Houston's oldest and most active scooter club.
Saints Scooter Club - The largest and oldest scooter club in Washington, D.C.
Donne Veloci - All-women scooter gang in New York City.
Instigators S.C. - nation wide all girl club
The Vesparados - Santa Barbara California's local scooter club.
The Upsetters SC - servicing Kansas City, Missouri.
St. Louis Scooter Scene - Find out about bikes for sales, rides, rallies, mod nights, and scooter help in th StL
iscootNY scooter gang - Come scoot the Big Apple!
Dummy Tanked Scooter Club - a club for Vespa 50/90SS Owners
Twist and Play Scooter Club - Portland's oldest SC. "More Fun than You!"
Hell's Belles Scooter Club - Portland's best and only all-girls scooter club
Los Gatos Gordos S.C. - "estamos llevando tu novia para un paseo."
NW Scooter Mayhem - ALL Members have a WUSSY tattoo
Imperial Scooter Club: Atlanta - Atlanta-based scooter club
Redstripe 69 Scooter Club - most established and active scooter club from Houston, Texas
Unforgiven S.C.-Bakersfield Ca - Home of HEDONISM !!!!
Capital City Scooter Club - Classic Scooter Enthusiasts in Victoria, B.C. Canada!
Death Or Glory SC, Providence, RI - The Providence Scooter Club
Fort Collins Scooter Gang - Because Clubs are for Mouseketeers!
Mansfield monsters scooter club - British club
Animals Fae Naboombu Scooter Club - Scooter Club Site
Vespa Club graz - East-austrian scooterclub (Europe), created in 1955
Chicco Scooter Club - A scooter club for the smallest scooter riders!
First & Last Chance Scooter Club - vintage scooter club in Oakland CA
VespaForever - All about the most famous scooter all over the world,
Brigham's Bees Scooter Club - Web Site of BBSC
Rabble Rouser Scooter Club - Philly's All Vintage Club
vespa4ever - a vespa's mailing list
Jedi Knights Scooter Club, Chicago - JKSC Chicago
The Sarcastic Bastards SC - Buffalo NY area club
Oppressors Scooter Corps - Philadelphia PA - Taking over
farnborough vespa club uk formed 1961 - history of the club and whats happening now
Jersey Shore Vespa Club - Dedicated the love of Vespa's and great rides along the NJ Shore.
Boys Named Sue SC - Nashville scooter club dedicated to classics
Hard Pack Scooter Club - Scooter club based in Orange County, California
Vespa Club of Seattle - FIV-sanctioned scooter club for the greater Seattle, WA area.
High Endurance SC - We are dedicated to the restoration of vintage scooters
Hell's Scooters S.C - Buffalo NY's One and only scooter club.
Deadenders Scooter Club - Traditional, classic riding, rally going scooter club from Houston, Texas.
Diablos Scooter Cult - Diablos Scooter Cult Southern California Est 1991
The Defilers - lake county illinois finest scooter club, that holds "The Most Dangerous Rally in the World." when we're not ridin' it, it's 'cause we broke it!
The Rovers Scooter Club - Detroit / Windsor area scooter club
city of DETROIT scooter club - d*tour scooter club...all riders/clubs welcome and encouraged to attend rides in and around the Motor City.
Redlands Scooter Group - club
Oregon Scooter Club / Vespa Club of Oregon - Official Site of the Oregon Scooter Club
Jedi Knights Scooter Club NYC - The Death Star Chapter of the JKSC
Ten Year Lates SC [XYL] - Cincinnati, OH - club site for the XYL's
Killer Bees Scooter Club - Fort Collins, CO - Scooter club in Fort Collins, Colorado
tampa scooters - Tampa Florida vintage
Jedi Knights Scooter Club - The National Jedi Knights Scooter Club
Heinkel Tourist dot com - 100% Tourist site
Vespa Club of LiveJournal - A place to discuss anything and everything about Vespas!
Columbus Cutters (Columbus Ohio Scooter Club) - Columbus Cutters (Columbus Ohio Scooter Club)
Vespazzi Scooter Club - Vespa club of Philadelphia
Diner City Scooter Club (Worcester, MA) - newly forming scooter club in Central Mass.
Reflections Scooter Society - hosts Friday night rides in Hollywood, California
Gem City Rollers - Club Homepage for Dayton's Finest (i.e. Only)
peterhead scooter club - scooter club
Retro Scooter Club - User group for enthusiasts of new but classically-styled scooters.
Death or Glory SC, Rhode Island - The NEW site of Death or Glory!
She Devils On Wheels Scooter Cult - All girl scooter club from Birmingham Alabama.
Scooter Diva's - Diva: "Dynamic Individual Visualizes Adventure"
San Francisco Scooter Girls - Any Girl. Any Scooter.
Death or Glory Scooter Club - The only active club in Rhode Island
Napa Valley Scooter Club - The Napa Valley Scooter Club is home to scooter fanatics in the Napa Valley including the cities of Napa, Yountville, Oakville, Rutherford, St. Helena and Calistoga.
two percent scooters - jackassery and foolery by north idahos most notorious (well only) scooter club
Fist City Scooter Club - Fist City Scooter Club, The largest "Outlaw"scooter gang on the planet!!GA,NY,OH,LA,LV, The World!!!!!!
OKC Curiosity - Club information
American Scooter Racing Association - American Scooter Racing Association since 1989, the premier scooter racing organization in the US.
Bombastic Scooter Club - Scooter club based in Tri-Cities, Washington
Crusaders S.C. - Greater Kansas City area scooter club
Scooter Society - Comprehensive listing of scooter clubs in North America
New Hampshire Scooter Club: Scoot Free or Die! - The main homepage of the NH Scooter Club
Scarab Scooter Club - Phoenix Chapter of Scarab Scooter Club
Space Coast Scooter Crew - Central Florida club open to all types of scooters
VESPASTICS - Vespastics Scooter Concept- Los Angeles-New Orleans-San Francisco
Mods and Knockers - All girl scooter club based in Denver, Co.
The Orphans Scooter Club - STRAIGHT OUTTA DA COUV!! Club info, pics, members.
Section 8 Scooter Club - Milwaukee, WI based club any and all scooters
Incriminators Scooter Club - Chapel Hill-Durham, NC scooter club
North Carolina Scooter Club - A club for NC scooter and moped riders.
North Texas Scooter Club - Local riding club and Yahoo Group for all makes/brands
Scarab SC - Site for Scarab Chapters in AZ, NV, CO
North Jersey Scooter Club - Scooter club for N. Jersey & NW Pa.
Newark on Trent SC (uk) - lots of banter and photos from our local club
Southenders Scooter Club - Springfield MO. Vespa,Lambretta and Stella Scooter Club
elm city scooter club. new haven, ct. - your scooter sucks.
Metro Betties - all-girl scooter club, Mobile, AL
VESPASTICS - Vespastics S.C.- Los Angeles and beyond...
THE VESPA GANG - When winter finishes some Swiss snowboarders start riding Vespa...
Diamo Velux Group - Diamo Velux Convertible Sccoter Owners and Enthusiasts
Esso-B's Scooter Club - Upstate SC (Clemson Anderson area) Vintage scooterists
Southenders scooter club - Vespa, Lambretta, Stella motorscooter club
Secret Society Scooter Club, California's oldest continual club-SoCal and NoCal chapters - informational
westside scooter club - Scooter club in Los Angeles
WeStSiDe Sc00tER CluB -
Hill City United Scooter Club - Website for Chattanooga's Scooter Club
New York Scooter Club - You have a scooter, you're in the Club.
Rovers Scooter Club-Cleveland - Ohio's chapter of The Rovers SC.
Team Win Moped Gang - Hardcore moped gang in Green Bay, WI. Watch our crazy videos!
Memphis Kings SC - Memphis Kings Scooter Club
The Stars: Colorado Stella Riders and Friends - All Stella Association of Scooterists in Denver Colorado
Paradise Lost Scooter Club, Perth WA - Best Club Site In The World
Smart Ass Scooter Sisters - Austin based all women's scooter club
OKC CURIOSITY Scooter Club - Brand New Website
Negative Image Scooter Club - Rochester NY - Serves Western NY Scooterists, meets Wednesday Nights in Summer
Suncoast Scooter Club - Tampa, FL - Scooter club in Tampa, FL for scoots 125cc and over.
Orange County California Scooter Owners Forum - The purpose of this group is to provide a virtual meeting place and forum for those Orange County California folks who own or are interested in owning a scooter.
Vermont Scooter Club - Blue smoke in the Green Mountains
Houston Scooter Battalion SC - Houston's Biggest Scooter Club
The Blue Boar Scooter Club - Hucknall - Members chat forums. All welcome to drop in...
Bakersifeld Rally Pilots - Information about local rides and meeting times.
ScootKC - Kansas City area scooting forum
Belladonna's - Seattle's All Girl Scooter Club
Vespa Club Pasadena
Vespa Club San Francisco

links sin clasificar: Web genérica francesa (Kandern im Schwarzwald)
Piaggio : Production de la Vespa : Site de Piaggio

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